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Hey everyone. A while ago i talked about a lot of female muscle artists out there who inspired me and helped me along my own way as an artist. Today i thought i might list a few characters of other artists and friends of mine who i really enjoy and learned to love.

These are in no particular order. Simply which one i found stuff to talk about first ^_-

1. Pokkuti's Bianca (and Ludya)

Ill start with one of my current favorites out there. Pokkuti has given life to many many great and loveable female muscle (and male muscle) characters, but this couple, Ludya and Bianca, has always been a favorite of mine.
They surely evolved a lot over time and changed and refined in look and design, but the more i got to know about them, the more interested i became in their story and relationship.
The beautifully drawn comic "maintainance session" of course added to that too:
Fun fact... maintainance session is and remains the only case of male musclegrowth i find aesthetically pleasing so far... so good job pokkuti, you know how to do your stuff!
I really hope to see and learn more about Bianca. Shes a cute and suprisingly badass character and i always love to see these two seemingly contradictionary concepts united in one character.
Thank you by Pokkuti
Maintenance Session pg. 1-2 by Pokkuti

2. RedSilverArtist's Shears, Redsilver and Mia

Yep THREE characters for this one... well what can i say... this man knows how to design good characters... in fact i could list probably a dozen of great character designs here, but i will limit myself to just 4.
Shears is a recent one of his but due to the clever gags played out by gettar, lovely growth sequence done by pokkuti and many other pictures of her, many probably already know her and agree, she is fun to work with and come up with cute ideas and the fact that she goes from cute and small to big and intimidating... well just perfect... also i think i mentioned i like that cute/badass combo, didnt i' oh well...

Redsilver. Shes probably one of the oldest femuscle characters i know. Red has a whole lot of background story ideas dozens of cute little gags and funny short ideas. Its just fun brainstorming about what mayhem redsilver might accidentially be causing again. As a Furry character shes a bit harder for me to draw, but i might give her a try again some day.

Mia is strictly a collaboration between me and Redsilver, but i want to give him credit for making her as interesting as she is... also you guys probably know her exclusively from redsilvers artwork, since i barely dared to draw her yet. She basically is like a sister to Kira and is interwoven in the large background plot i deviced for Kira... Well redsilver and me seem to have way more fun exploring the relationship of the two girls to one another and the crazy things that happen due to Mias kind of unique personality. I really hope to be able to introduce you to Mia and Kiras life together in the future but will probably rely a lot on help from Redsilver who i think still has the very best ideas for Mia.

Got Your Back by RedSilverArtistKira and Mia sleeping habits by RedSilverArtistShears The Sheep by RedSilverArtist

3. Jebriodo's Genica

Everybody knows Fisticuff, but my favorite character of his still is Genica. She might not have gotten as much spotlight or fanart, but something simply speaks to me when i look at that huge, kind looking sci fi girl. So many stories and adventures in a vast and crazy universe come to mind instantly. Definately a character with great potential and still one of my favorite character designs.
Genica Routine Sweep by Jebriodo

4. Tigersan's Ashley

One of the very first characters i got to know from Tigersan, and also someone who went through quite an evolution as tigersans skills and methods for CGI refined. Her earliest installments show a playful and aggressive personality paired with a cute face and an amazing body, also amazingly well rendered for that time. Over the years there have been reboots of her and while the rendering methods refined and Ashley became even quite a bit bigger and stronger in the later versions, something about the original look still fascinates me. Or its simply the fond memories of the past. But still... Ashley still is one of my favorite characters of his... and theres plenty. Just to name a few others i like: Aria, Crush, Shredia... well theres a lot to love ^__- Ashley is still number one though.
Ashley by TigersanNew Ashley by TigersanAshley 2012 by Tigersan

 ---  i notice theres a LOT to write... lets see how many more i can do for today ---

5. Un-Debido's Linna and Kiraxa

I always had fun brainstorming about ideas with Debido. His characters are feeling very alife due to the seemingly bottomless pool of ideas he is drawing from. Linna as gone back and forth in design a bit but is now as cute and big as she used to be. Debidos characters strongly benefit from their interaction between one another, namely with his other characters like Mail for example. Kiraxa, also from the same rooster is one of the most fun characters to play around with. Armed to the teeth, applying slightly unorthodox morale standards and walking the line between professional and slightly crazy shes always fun to think of when it comes to crazy scenarios. Debido and me certainly had some fun cooking up some ideas.
Linna and Kiraxa WIP by Un-DebidoKira's Conquest by Un-Debido

6. LordDaroth's Bonnie

Lorddaroth has always prooven to draw pictures with a good sence for scenes and usually manages to put a little bit, if not a whole lot, of story into one picture.
A character he does this particularily well with, is his young, extremely strong, character Bonnie. Childlike innocence paired with the strength of a dozen bulldozers and always displayed in perfectly fitting and charming scenarios, usually involving her close friend, who i have actually not remembered the name of (sorry!).
The way he displays Bonnie and crafts these little "slice of life" scenes with her make the entire character feel very believable and alife.

Bonnie - outdoor fun by LordDarothHappy Holidays! by LordDaroth

7. BlackKusanagi's Aurora and Rina

Another person who does one thing very well and A LOT: developing characters.
Over the years BK has developed entire universes (PLURAL!) of characters all intervowen with one another. A network so complex and detailed its a mammoth project on its own... but two characters stand out by far: Rina and Aurora. To date i think still the absolute powerhouses in his pantheon of characters Rina and Aurora are probably the most powerful characters ive ever seen. But that doesnt stop him to have a lot of fun with them and write up and think of tons of great ideas and stories for them. Some people have problems dealing with "overpowered" characters... but with these two its simply fun to think about it.
Should not forget to mention, that these two are among other things the main inspiration for creating my own "overpowered" character Helena, who i basically created for the same purpose... having fun.
The Dynamic Duo by BlackKusanagi

--- i think this is it for now... theres so many many many more... i really gotta write up a few more next time ---


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